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All of my faves go to this. Like seriously, man, really powerful story you tried to bring out here.

Excellently animated and executed man. Kudos. :)

Good idea and all, but the abrupt transitions between the scenes and flashbacks and the music being cut off constantly like that really gets in your nerves a little. If the editing could've been better, this really could've been heartfelt/emotional.

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We really need more games like this with multiple endings.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Do it

First game where I got any medals. So thanks for that. ^^

It's a good take on the Worms game. Though a bit less automatic upgrades and more choices on level up would be nice. But other than that, it's just as fun and addicting as the original.

Music is the highlight

While the game does have a pretty neat concept, the quick deaths really get annoying fast. Maybe something like more lives or some way to slow down the rainbow meter?

Loved the background music though.

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Woah, dude, even though the song is supposed to be really silly, you made it sound really cool with the opening music. It's only the lyrics that make you realize this is a parody song. And the use of different styles are done well.

The singing and it blending with the music was done very professionally.

You should try making a non-parody song. It would be pretty cool.

ulfusNG responds:

Thanks, I'm working on a non-parody song at the moment about the Robot Apocalypse with KillingYouTwice to keep me on track, it's going to be a powermetal song.

Not bad. Good choice of instruments and effects. The only thing real lacking is the repeat of the same chord progression throughout the song which gets boring after a while. Also the mixing needs to be slightly worked on to bring out all the instruments. Panning, using a Parametric Equalizer etc would help.

Good job anyway.

E-lie responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I was afraid it was a little repetitive, I had some trouble with my DAW and I couldn't master or change the song around without it killing FL, but anywho. Thanks for listening, amigo.

Pretty good use of instruments. Everything blended together well and the piano was amazing. Other than it could do with a bit more variety, it's pretty good and has potential to be much more.

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Oh my lord the scale of this. This deserves way more love than it's getting.

1600 responds:

glad you like it :)

Well first things first, I love music. All kinds, even if it's background OST for movies. ^^ I'm not really an animator or an artist (I doodle around sometimes), but I do enjoy listening to music and trying out making music myself with FL Studio.

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